Documentary: Millennium – The Story
  • The Millennium Trilogy by Swedish author Stieg Larsson is THE literary phenomenon of the last decade with 15 million books sold worldwide, 25 translations in over 40 countries, and a movie that is blasting box-office records in Scandinavia and several European countries. And the Millennium saga has only just begun…

    This portrait of Stieg Larsson reveals the story of an outstanding success – a worldwide phenomenon who at the age of 50, died from a sudden heart attack before his first novel was even published.  This planetary triumph is analyzed by close friends and relatives of Stieg Larsson; by his publisher, his journalist colleagues and by various professionals who have worked on the films, including Swedish Producer, Soren Staermose, and the leading actors Noomi Rapace and Michael Nyqvist who play Elisabeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist.

    They have all been seduced by this 2000-page-long thriller trilogy that totally revisits the genre with freshly-defined characters and a reversal of sexual roles.  It also offers well-documented and believable realism, along with a powerful story set against a political backdrop.

    Stieg Larsson’s life gives us an insight into how he became the author we have come to know.  The child who grew up in a humble environment, amid hostility and strife, went on to become a dogged and forthright journalist.  He published six books on particularly-cherished subjects: democracy, violence against women, racism, and death threats against journalists on account of their beliefs.  This latter subject was particularly dear to him after he and a number of his colleagues were personally threatened after creating a magazine determined to combat the rise of the Extreme Right-Wing and racism.

    Stieg Larsson stood his ground, refusing to be silenced by fear.  The only compromise he made was refraining from marrying his girlfriend in order to protect her.  This decision affected her adversely after his death as it led to a highly publicized fratricidal inheritance war.  Larsson would have probably looked down on such behavior as he had always advocated respect for others and fought against the corrupting power of money, this becoming the only cloud cast on an otherwise amazing and unexpected Scandinavian success story of colossal proportions.

    The phenomenon of Steig Larsson and his “Millennium” trilogy” is explored in depth in this compelling new documentary that has never been shown in the U.S. Screenings of the 50 min documentary can be held for promotional screening purposes only. Please contact Paige Blake is you would like to show the film at your theater, library or bookstore.