Lena Endre plays Erika Berger
  • Lena Endre plays Erika Berger

    Lena Endre is a Swedish actress who broke out in her career during the 1980s from two popular Swedish television series – The Department Store and Lorry.  Endre is best known for her role in Liv Ullman’s FAITHLESS (written by Ingmar Bergman), for which she won the Guldbagge Award (Sweden’s equivalent to the Oscars) in 2001 for Best Actress and was nominated for a European Film Award (2000) in the same category.

    Endre has appeared in two films by acclaimed Danish director Simon Staho— DAY AND NIGHT and HEAVEN’S HEART. She was nominated for a Robert Award (Danish equivalent of the Oscars) for the former in 2004 and a Gulbagge Award for the latter in 2008. She, along with her DRAGON TATTOO co-star Michael Nyqvist, won the Silver Hugo Award for Best Ensemble Acting at the Chicago International Film Festival (2004) for DAY AND NIGHT. Endre just finished filming LIMBO directed by Maria Sodahl to be released in 2010.